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Web Design for

Graphic & UX/UI Design

Building a website is like building a house

All elements work together creating a successful web presence. 

Our team comes with a variety of talents and experience to give your visitors an enjoyable user experience.

Site Map is the framing

The architecture is your web design

Furniture & belongings inside are your content. 

Don't forget the webstore

SEO is the road to your home

Your brand communicates identity and values

Social media is the invitation to the party

Graphic Design is your

landscape and art

My Team


Hello, I’m Heather!

Here to design your media communication.

With 20+ years of design experience, Heather has built designs for trade shows, press kits, mobile apps, social media campaigns, websites and more.  She has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in design. Heather understands the marketing landscape and how to navigate the big world wide web in a way that makes sense for the organization's goals and purpose.

Photo of Heather A. Wilmore Hornbeak by Susanne Cochran

Currently working with

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